Recognized Events

2016 Veteran Holidays & Events

Holiday / Event
Martin Luther King Day Monday, January 16
President's Day
Monday, February 20
Armed Forces Day
Saturday, May 20
Memorial Day
Monday, May 29
Army Birthday Sunday, June 14
Flag Salute Day / Army Day
Sunday, June 14
Independence Day
Tuesday, July 4
Coast Guard Day
Tuesday, August 4
Labor Day
Monday, September 4
Patriot Day
Friday, September 11
Air Force Birthday
Friday, September 18
Prisoner of War (POW) / Missing in Action (MIA) Day
Friday, September 18
Navy Day
Tuesday, October 27
Marine Corps Day
Tuesday, November 10
Veterans Day
Wednesday, November 11
Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day
Monday, December 7
National Guard Day
Sunday, December 13

2015 Other Events

Event Date
Veterans and Dependents Job Fair (Business Expo)
Military Appreciation Day at the Washington State Fair in Yakima, Washington
Stand Down and Veterans Benefit Fair
Saturday, October 24
Veterans Parades (Memorial Day / Veterans Day)
Wednesday, November 11
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