County Code Updates

This page will document proposed and approved changes to the following codes administered by the Yakima County Planning Division:
Title 16     Environment
Title 16A  Critical Areas (Agricultural activities)
Title 16B  Project Permit Administration
Title 16C  Critical Areas (applies to all unincorporated lands under Yakima
                 County's land use jurisdiction, except for lands under jurisdiction of
                 the Shoreline Management Act and lands for agricultural activities
                 conducted on agricultural and rural lands.)
Title 16D   Shoreline Master Program
Title 17      Urban Area Growth Policy
Title 18      Airport
Title 19      Unified Land Development Code (Provides for Land Use Districts,
                  Improvements, Site Design and Procedures.)
Title 20      Yakima County Land Use Fee Schedule

On May 5, 2015 the Board of Yakima County Commissioners adopted YCC Title 19 Unified Land Development Code (ULDC) which integrates/consolidates official controls and procedural requirements for land development and division in unincorporated areas within County land jurisdiction.  Through implementation of the new code, some unintended changes had been adopted.  The recent amendments relate to the Land Use Table.  Other fixes are to be expected in 2016.
2016 PC Findings Documents

January 27, 2016 Planning Commission Public Hearing

Board of County Commissioners Public Hearing

Public Hearing date and time will be posted by the Board of County Commissioners on the Agenda Page when the hearing has been scheduled.