Division Contact List

Last Updated 2/25/16

Accounting Services
   Carmen Hayter, Accounting Manager

Administrative Services
   Lisa Freund, Administrative Manager

Building & Fire Safety
   Harold MacLean, C.P.E., C.B.I., Building Official
   John Walkenhauer, Assistant Building Official
   Chris Pedersen, C.F.I., Fire Marshal

Environmental Services
   Donald Gatchalian, P.E., Assistant Director of Public Services
   Karma Suchan, Solid Waste Manager
   Terry Keenhan, P.E., Water Resources Manager
   Joe Stump, P.E., Utilities Manager

Planning Services
   Lynn Deitrick, AICP, Planning Official
   Jason Earles, Section Manager - Zoning & Subdivision
   Tommy Carroll, Section Manager - Long Range & Environmental

Transportation Services
   Matt Pietrusiewicz, P.E., County Engineer
   Jason Rinehart, Construction Manager
   Jim Bridges, P.E., Engineering Services Manager
   Michele Pescador, Right of Way Manager
   Mark Cleaver, P.E., Road Maintenance Manager
   Kent McHenry, P.E., Traffic Engineering Manager