Veteran's Incarceration Program

The Yakima County Veteran’s Incarcerated Program (VIP) (PDF) works with incarcerated veterans (with nonviolent offenses) in the Yakima County Department of Corrections jails as well as other jails in the county to successfully reintegrate veterans back into the community.

The program is managed by Yakima County Department of Financial Services and coordinated by the Yakima County Veteran’s Coordinator. The program grows out of both a national and local concern for the number of incarcerated and homeless veterans with non-violent offenses within the criminal justice system.

The Board of Yakima County Commissioners endorsed the initiation of the program and created a County position of veterans Coordinator to direct the program as well as address other Veteran needs within our community.

The Veteran’s Coordinator seeks to engage the Veteran while incarcerated to initiate a positive re-entry plan providing greater opportunity to break the chain of re-offending that often happens.

This approach has proven successful in King County and other counties. It has been a win-win situation for the Veteran, his family, the legal system, and the community.

The Veterans Coordinator is located at 128 North Second Street, Yakima County Courthouse, Room 103. The phone number is (509) 574-1528. The incarcerated veteran should contact the program through the jail kite (in house mail) system. 

Letters may be sent to Yakima County Veterans Program
128 N 2nd Street
Room 103
Yakima, WA 98901