Special Issue

Mabton School District No. 120
Proposition No. 1

Capital Levy for Health, Safety and Educational Improvements

The Board of Directors of Mabton School District No. 120 adopted Resolution No. 07-25-16-08 concerning a proposition for a levy for capital improvements.  This proposition would authorize the District to levy the following excess taxes, upon all taxable property within the District, to make health, safety and educational improvements (including repairing HVAC and providing additional classrooms at Artz-Fox Elementary School, and renovating the Ag Building):

Collection      Approximate Levy        Levy
  Year               Rate/$1,000           Amount
                     Assessed Value
  2017                 $2.30                  $417,000
  2018                 $2.26                  $417,000
  2019                 $2.23                  $417,000
  2020                 $2.20                  $417,000
  2021                 $2.16                  $417,000
  2022                 $2.13                  $417,000

all as specified in Resolution No. 07-25-16-08.  Should this proposition be approved?

Levy - Yes
Levy - No

Read the District's Resolution No. 07-25-16-08 here