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Selah School District No. 119
Proposition No. 1

Replacement Educational Programs and Operation Levy

The Board of Directors of Selah School District No. 119 adopted Resolution No. 22-18, concerning a proposition to finance educational programs and operation expenses.  This proposition would authorize the District to levy the following excess taxes, to replace an expiring levy, upon all taxable property within the District, for support of educational programs and operation expenses not funded by the State of Washington:

Approximate Levy
Assessed Value
 2020  $1.50
 2021  $1.50  $3,468,869

all as specified in Resolution No. 22-18 and subject to legal limits on levy rates and amounts at the time of levy.  Should this proposition be approved?

Levy - Yes
Levy - No

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Questions about this measure

For questions about this measure, contact:  Chris M. Scacco, Associate Superintendent for District Operations, 509.698.8005, Chrisscacco@selahschools.org