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   4 year term
Jack Hawkins



Jack B. Hawkins

(Prefers GOP Party)

I have served you as Coroner since 2009.  The Coroner is a death investigator and as such, is the final voice for your loved one and investigative experience is crucial for that voice to be heard.  Combining my years in law enforcement and as the Coroner, I have over 35 years experience as an investigator.

My goal is to continue to honor your loved ones as I work to guide you through your heartbreaking loss.  To understand all I do as Coroner, and my qualifications, please visit my website

"When it touches your family, 35 years investigative experience matters."

Jim Curtice



James (Jim) Curtice

(Prefers Republican Party)

James “Jim” Curtice for County Coroner.

As your County Coroner, my goal is to provide those affected by the loss of a loved one quick, accurate answer’s with the compassion and dignity deserved.

My top priority will be the emphasis on enhancing and maintaining the collaboration between law enforcement and forensic medicine in Yakima County.

For thirty years, my passion for public service has included various aspects of
pre-hospital care and crisis scene management.

I believe Yakima County deserves the integrity they expect.

Honored to serve you. Vote James “Jim” Curtice County Coroner.

Contact:  509-930-4522;