Your Health

  1. Birth & Death Certificates

    Learn how to acquire vital records from the Yakima County Health District.

  2. Immunizations

    You make educated choices about your health and the health of your family every day. Your choice to immunize is no different.

  3. Tuberculosis (TB) Testing Locations

    The Yakima Health District does not provide TB testing to the general public, but from your primary care provider.

  4. Breast, Cervical, & Colon Health

    Join tens of thousands of people in Washington State who have already been screened for cancer.

  5. HIV/AIDS Services

    Access HIV/AIDS resources online.

  6. STD Services

    Learn about services for the treatment of Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs).

  7. Flu Shot Locations

    Find out where you can get a flu shot.

  8. Staying Healthy

    Learn about the different ways you can stay healthy at home, at work, and at play.

  9. Records Request

    Access forms to request public records and medical records.