New Food Establishments

New food services must submit the proper paperwork, submit payment, and receive a pre-opening inspection prior to opening their doors. If you are considering opening a restaurant or other food facility, be sure to start the process early to avoid a last minute rush to open.

With your application, you are required to submit a floor plan and equipment plan (drawn to scale), a copy of your menu, a food preparation plan, and a L and I Inspection if you are opening a mobile unit. This information is also listed on the New Food Service Application. Please download the files below to start your process.

New Food Establishment Application Packet (English/Spanish)
New Food Establishment and remodeling Food Establishments must submit this packet (PDF) and accompanying documents to the Yakima Health District (YHD). Please allow YHD 2 - 4 weeks to review all documents prior to opening, building, etc. to ensure plans are adequate, or allow for modifications that may be required. When ready for opening, call the YHD for a pre-opening inspection. Do not open without YHD approval.

New Owner Packet (English/Spanish)
When a new owner takes over an existing food establishment, the owner must transfer responsibility for the facility to their name with the Health District by completing this application (PDF).

Food Service Renewal Application (English/Spanish)

This application (PDF) is for Renewal Licenses, Catering Endorsements, and Replacements of Lost Licenses.

Food Service Checklists
This list outlines the items that must be completed prior to the Yakima Health District issuing a food service license.