Yakima County District Court

Judges Group
Top row (from left): Presiding Judge Donald W. Engel; Court Commissioner Kevin Eilmes; bottom row (from left) Judge Alfred G.Schweppe; Judge Kevin M. Roy; and Judge Brian K. Sanderson

Mission Statement
To provide effective and timely resolution of legal matters, assuring dignified and fair treatment to all participants, while promoting respect for the justice system and maintaining the independence of  the judiciary.  
Court Services
Yakima County District Court is a court of limited jurisdiction hearing the following cases: 

  • Traffic and Non-Traffic Infractions
  • Misdemeanor and Gross Misdemeanor criminal offenses
  • Civil matters for damages and contract disputes not exceeding $100,000
  • Small claim matters for recovery of money not exceeding $5000
  • Name Changes
  • Antiharassment and Stalking Protection Orders

In addition to providing services through the County District Court, we also operate the Union Gap Municipal Court as well as the Grandview Municipal Court.  We have two locations for court services - Yakima County Courthouse on 2nd Street and the Grandview District Court on Wine County Road.

  1. Probation Services Amnesty Program

    Yakima County Probation Services is offering an amnesty program between February 1, 2017 and April 28, 2017 for probation fees in collections. Read on...
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