Court Resources

  1. Criminal Case Processing Guidelines (PDF)

    Read through the guidelines dictating criminal case processing and docket structure in Yakima County Courts.

  2. Criminal Records & History (PDF)

    Read through a guide to sealing and destroying court records, vacating convictions, and deleting criminal records.

  3. Fee Schedule (PDF)

    Find the County Clerk's fee schedule for services rendered.

  4. Guardianship (PDF)

    Read a pamphlet to assist with understanding the duties of a court-appointed guardian.

  5. Language Assistance Plan (PDF)

    Get information on the language assistance provided by the joint efforts of Yakima County Courts and the Yakima County Clerk.

  6. Law Glossary (PDF)

    Find a complete A to Z glossary of legal terms.

  7. Travel Expense Policy (PDF)

    Read through the professional services travel policy set forth by the Yakima County Courts.