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About Horizon 2040

What’s on the Horizon? Yakima County’s currently adopted Comprehensive Plan - Plan 2015 - is a policy document that guides county decisions related to growth and development in unincorporated Yakima County. The comprehensive plan is the centerpiece of local planning in Washington State. Like business plans, comprehensive plans provide the framework for how our communities will grow. And like business plans, they must evolve over time to be effective.  Yakima County's updated comprehensive plan will be called Horizon 2040.


Yakima County is required to update our comprehensive plan by June 30, 2017. Updates will refresh policies and elements of the plan with an eye toward population and employment growth over the next 20 years. With this growth comes potential for increased demand for residential, commercial and industrial land, parks, schools, services, utility facilities and roads. The 2017 update focuses on future land use needs in unincorporated urban areas, but has links to planning in cities and rural areas.
  • Updating out-of-date information in the plan about the community and incorporating changes that have taken place in the Yakima Valley since Plan 2015 was adopted in 1997
  • Ensuring that GMA amendments have been incorporated into the plan
  • Reviewing each of the fourteen urban growth areas (UGAs).  For more information regarding the UGA update please refer to the UGA Update Page.
  • Inventory housing, capital facilities, and transportation
  • Reviewing and updating land use policies, capital facilities and transportation elements, and consistency with local and state codes and laws
  • The county is also required by state law to review the Critical Areas Ordinance (CAO).  For information regarding the CAO update please refer to the CAO Update Page.



  • Process and Documents: hosts important documents, presentations, and decisions made by the Board of County Commissioners throughout each phase of the project (White papers, staff reports, resolutions, etc.)
  • Document Library: provides links to a variety of reference documents and information that will be used to inform the comprehensive plan update

Get Involved

Public input is a major part of Horizon 2040.  This website is designed to encourage and facilitate public involvement.  We will keep the information on this site current, and hope you will use it to comment on parts of the plan that might change.

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