1. Address or Change of Address

    Form to add or modify mailing address for tax statements

  2. Dog License

    Information about licensing a dog in Yakima County

  3. Franchise

    Information about Franchise Permits that grant access to county right-of-ways and Right-of-Way Use Permits that describe how the work will be performed in Yakima County

  4. Jobs with Yakima County

    Information about employment with Yakima County

  5. Jobs with Health District

    Employment information for the Yakima Health District

  6. Marriage License

    Learn about the process for applying for a marriage license.

  7. New Road Name (PDF)

    Yakima County public/private road name request form.

  8. Passport

    Assistance for citizens of Yakima County with their Passport Application needs

  9. Right-of-Way Use Permit (PDF)

    Right-Of-Way use permit information sheet

  10. Special Moving Vehicle Permit Application (PDF)

    Information, checklist and application for permit to move manufactured homes, structures or equipment on Yakima County Roads.

  11. Stormwater Permits

    Find a list of permits, guidelines, and plans from the Department of Ecology and other ordinances.

  12. Subdivide Property

    Informational bulletins to guide the applicant through the review process