A Guide to Employment



Yakima County ensures equal employment opportunities regardless of a person’s sex, race, national origin, religion, age, disability, marital status, creed, political belief, sexual orientation, veteran’s status, or any other protected status under federal or state statute.

Disabled applicants may request accommodation to participate in the job application and/or selection process for employment. Please contact Human Resources for further information.

Types of Positions

Regular Full Time: Regular budgeted positions, thirty-seven and one-half hours or forty hours per week.

Regular Part Time: Regular budgeted positions, less than thirty seven and one-half hours per week.

Extra Help: Temporary, seasonal, or on-call positions, (Not eligible for benefits unless required by law)

Types of Filing Conditions

Final Filing Date (Regular): Recruitment is open for at least 7 calendar days with a set final date.

In-House: Only currently working County employees may apply.

Continuous: No final filing date is designated. Recruitment may close at any time after sufficient applications are received.

Limited: Applications are accepted on a short filing period, or a maximum number of applications will be accepted, or other means which are appropriate to the circumstances for the particular position.

The Application Form

In completing the application be sure to read it carefully and answer all questions. A resume will not be acceptable in place of completing the application.

The application must be neat and complete. (If possible type or write in black ink.) Include all your education and experience (hours worked weekly, month, day and year of employment). It must be signed and dated.

If you wish to attach additional information such as: resume, references, certificates they must be submitted with the application. Some positions require proof of legal age to work in the position, proof of education, etc. Make photocopies before submission, as required documents must be retained by Yakima County.

RCW 41.04.010, as amended by House Bill 1065, provides for a veterans' preference to be added to the final passing score on written examinations taken by certain veterans in the recruitment and selection process. Additionally, RCW 73.16.010 provides for a preference in hiring for certain veterans and their widows or widowers. If you believe you are eligible to be considered for preference under either RCW, you need to complete and submit the Application for Veterans’ Preference with your application materials.

The Examination Process

Civil Service Exam: For certain positions (Sheriff's Department) a civil service written exam is given. This is usually multiple choice in nature, used to test skills, knowledge or abilities as related to the position.

Screening/Achievement Rating: This involves review of applications and possibly supplemental data sheets to select the most qualified candidates for advancement in the selection process. This rating is performed by one or more persons including professional/ technical personnel staff and subject matter experts from the hiring department.

Oral Interview: Usually a two to five member panel asks questions regarding necessary skills, knowledge and abilities for the job.

Skill Assessment: This may be either a pass/fail test given to all candidates in order to provide evidence of minimum qualifications or an exercise needed by the hiring authority as additional information in evaluation of a candidate's skill in performing a job or task. For example: a pass/fail typing test or an exercise in driving a particular piece of heavy equipment. A pass/fail test will always be announced on the job bulletin.


Before the interview, research the position for which you are applying, including duties, location, hours, etc.

Be punctual. Interview panels are under no obligation to see people who are late.

Dress appropriately for the job. Answer questions directly and to the point. Maintain good posture and eye contact with the interviewers.

Before the interview, think about your education and/or experience as it relates to the position. If you are not asked about any experience/education you feel is important, supply that information at the end of the interview.


Yakima County will make reasonable accommodations for qualified persons with qualifying disabilities which may hinder them from competing in any stage of the examination and selection process.

Accommodation will be made, when possible and practical in the particular situation, for religious reasons and for other extreme circumstances.


1. For Civil Service positions (in the Sheriff's Office) eligible candidates are placed on a register effective for a fixed length of time.

2. For other designated positions, such as in Corrections, an eligible list will be effective for a specified amount of time as listed in the job bulletin.

3. For the majority of County positions the Department will make a selection from candidates who present their qualifications during a hiring interview process. The successful candidate(s) will be offered employment by the department. The Human Resourcesl Office will not notify all unsuccessful candidates. If you are interested in the status of this position after closing, please see “Status of Openings” under the Job Opportunities tab on the Human Resources web page at www.yakimacounty.us. This will be the only method of status notification for this position.