Yakima County East-West Corridor Project

Project Overview

  • Why is this project necessary?

    The Yakima River poses a natural barrier to travel between the City of Yakima and the Terrace Heights neighborhood. Currently, east-west traffic has only one option to travel between these two locations: the Yakima Avenue/Terrace Heights Drive corridor. As the population of Terrace Heights continues to keep pace with projected growth rates, this existing corridor will continue to suffer increased congestion and delays. The East-West Corridor will reduce this problem by offering drivers an alternative river crossing for east-west travel.

  • When will the County decide on a final corridor?

    The County has developed four (4) corridor alternatives and is in the process of weighing the pros and cons of each. In the spring of 2011, the County will begin conducting a series of reviews pursuant to the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA). The NEPA process will help the County determine the preferred alignment, offering an opportunity for area residents, businesses, government agencies, irrigation districts, and other interested parties to comment on the potential impacts of the project.

  • What will happen to properties that may be impacted by the new corridor?

    No decisions regarding property acquisition can be made until after the NEPA is approved and the final design is completed. This will be in 2012 (at the earliest). With the current four (4) corridor alternatives, the County's design team has tried to minimize private property impacts while also keeping down total project costs. After the environmental review process is completed, the County will acquire the necessary properties under the Federal Uniform Relocation Assistance and Real Property Acquisition Policy Act (URA) of 1970 as Amended.

  • When will construction start?

    Currently, the East-West Corridor project is funded only through the preliminary planning phase. The County will begin the NEPA process in the spring of 2011. Construction likely will not begin before 2016.

  • How much will this project cost, and who is paying for it?

    The total cost and funding sources for the design and construction of the East-West Corridor are not yet known.

  • How will construction affect my daily commute?

    The County will make every effort to ensure that people, goods, and services can continue to flow through the project area safely and with minimal delay during the new road’s construction. A detailed traffic plan instructing the contractor how to provide each property owner access to the roadway system will be prepared.