Community Programs

Felony Restitution Program
Due to increasing case referrals and limited resources, the Yakima County Prosecuting Attorney implemented the felon restitution program in 2003. The program is designed to relieve the criminal justice system of the need to process low level property crimes while attaining restitution for the victims of these crimes.

The program is operated by contract between the Prosecuting Attorney and private enterprise at no cost to the taxpayers. The defendants pay all costs. The defendant enters into an agreement with the Prosecuting Attorney to comply with the demands of the private contractor and to pay all restitution to the victim. The trial of the case is continued to allow for compliance. If the defendant complies, his or her case is dismissed. If the defendant does not comply, the case is directed back to court.

Check Enforcement Program

Each year, merchants lose millions of dollars to bad checks. These costs can be devastating to the businesses in our county. But it is not just the businesses that are affected – everyone is hurt because bad check losses push the costs of goods and services higher. In an effort to combat these losses, this office has organized the Check Enforcement Program for Yakima County. This is a pretrial diversion program, and its primary goal is to get full restitution for the merchant victim. It also helps the check writers by teaching them to better control their finances and avoid criminal charges. Finally, we all benefit when businesses don’t lose money to bad checks.

In order to take advantage of the Check Enforcement Program, merchants must register. You can get the registration materials and more information about the Program by calling 800-420-2135, or visit Hotchecks.