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Front Office / Main Line
(509) 575-4040
Toll Free
(800) 535-5016
Agency Fax
(509) 575-7894
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Andre Fresco
Ryan Ibach
Dr. Teresa Everson
Executive Director
Chief Operating Officer
Health Officer
Phone: 509-575-4040
Phone: 509-249-6521
Fax: 509-249-6666
Fax: 509-249-6621


Victoria Reyes Soledad Gonzalez  
Administrative Assistant Office Technician  
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Phone: 509-249-6549 Phone: 509-575-4040  
Fax:  509-249-6649    
Wendy Garcia Vital Records  
Office Technician Deputy Registrars  
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Phone: 509-575-6538 Fax: 509-249-6638  


Wena Dove Marcy McDonald
Account Technician Accountant
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Phone: 509-249-6560 Phone: 509-249-6600
Fax: 509-249-6660 Fax: 509-249-6601
Jessica Dobbs Chase Porter
Payroll/HR Specialist
Senior Finance Manager
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Phone: 509-249-6561 Phone: 509-249-6530
Fax: 509-249-6661 Fax: 509-249-6630

Disease Control

Communicable Disease Information & Reporting Line: (509) 249-6541 After Business Hours Reporting Line: (509) 575-4040 at prompt select #1 Confidential Fax Line: (509) 249-6628
Erika Ochoa Edit Maldonado
Community Health Specialist Public Health Technician
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Phone: 509-249-6503 Phone: 509-249-6546
Fax: 509-249-6603 Fax: 509-249-6646
  Communicable Disease
Brianna Torres
David Miller
Public Health Nurse Public Health Nurse
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Phone: 509-249-6528 Phone: 509-249-6532
Fax: 509-249-6551 Fax: 509-249-6632
Communicable Disease Tuberculosis Program Lead
Laura Garcia Melissa Sixberry
Public Health Specialist Director of Disease Control
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Phone: 509-249-6518 Phone: 509-249-6509
Fax: 509-249-6618 Fax: 509-249-6609
Communicable Disease Program Communicable Disease Program

Environmental Health

EH Help Desk: 509-249-6508  
Paul Garcia Ted Silvestri
Environmental Health Specialist-Food Environmental Health Specialist
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Phone: 509-249-6513 Phone: 509-249-6562
Fax: 509-249-6613 Fax: 509-249-6662
Mary Cowan Brandon Comfort
Public Health Technician Environmental Health Specialist
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Phone: 509-249-6563 Phone: 509-249-6505
Fax: 509-249-6663 Fax: 509-249-6605
Alison Towsley
Environmental Health Specialist Environmental Health Specialist
Phone: 509-249-6545
Fax: 509-249-6645
Shawn Magee John Wilson
Environmental Health Director Environmental Health Specialist
Email Email
Phone: 509-249-6533 Phone: 509-249-6568
Fax: 509-249-6633 Fax: 509-249-6668
Beth Snider
Environmental Health Specialist  
Phone: 509-249-6525  
Fax: 509-249-6625  

Local Emergency Response 

Nathan Johnson
Local Emergency Response Coordinator
Phone: 509-249-6553
Fax: 509-249-6653

Public Health Partnerships

Lilian Bravo Cathy Lopez
Director of Public Health Partnerships Public Health Specialist
Email Email
Phone: 509-249-6514 Phone: 509-249-6537
Fax: 509-249-6614 Fax: 509-249-6637
Communicable Disease BCCHP                                             
Rose Carter Jessica Van Doren
Public Health Technician Community Health Specialist
Email Email
Phone: 509-249-6529 Phone: 509-249-6536
Fax: 509-249-6629 Fax: 509-249-6636
BCCHP and Needle Exchange  BCCHP, Immunizations, DD Transitions
Angela Colin  
Developmental Disabilities Program Manager  
Phone: 509-249-6507  
Fax: 509-249-6607  

Public Health Confidential Fax Line: (509) 249-6647

Department of Health

Carlos Contreras Lisa Baldoz
DIS Field Staff - DOH DIS Field Staff - DOH  
Email Email
Phone: 509-249-6559 Phone: 509-249-6531  
Fax: 509-249-6659 Fax: 509-249-6631