City of Tieton

1 year residency required

Candidate statements are printed as submitted. The County Auditor has no editorial authority.
  1. Mayor
  2. Council, Position 4
  3. Council, Position 5
  4. Description of Office

4 year term

Dewane AshbrooksDewane Ashbrooks

Thank you for your trust and support by electing me as your current Mayor. It is time to cast your vote and I am again asking for your trust and support in voting me as your Mayor. It has been an honor to perform the duties of this office and to see the City blossom.

I would sincerely like to be a continuing part of the forward momentum the City has achieved the past few years with improvements to streets, sidewalks and lighting throughout various areas of town, and to follow through with plans the City has for future improvements.

Contact:  509-673-6481

Kenneth ManninKenneth Mannin

The City of Tieton is a welcoming community that celebrates our small-town character. My mission is to provide leadership enhancing our diverse quality of life.

I have an unwavering commitment to be proactive to improve communication between the city leaders and the public. I will advocate for your voice to be heard, developing a system providing you fair opportunity to participate, making the city’s activities more transparent.

My goal is to balance the needs of the city with the needs of the individual by remembering we are elected to serve all of the residents, not just a few.