Fire Protection District No. 1

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  1. Commissioner, Position 2
  2. Description of Office

Commissioner, Position 2
6 year term

Phil NelsonPhil Nelson

As a property owner in the district, I have always believed in giving back to keep small communities viable. I’m a conservative voice for this community working to maintain a balance of providing equipment and trained personnel while keeping costs manageable for our tax base. Our district’s new station, Station 1, in Cowiche and funds earmarked for improvements to Station 2 in Tieton are testaments to the pride this community takes in providing high standards of service to its patrons.

I would appreciate your support as I would like to continue improving the service and operation of Fire District #1.

George TownGeorge Town

I had been asked by the firefighters / community members if I would be interested in this position, Without hesitation I agreed. "It's time for a change."

During the last (4 of the last 6) years there have been issues within the administration.

I would reference you to a State audit report that may answer some of your questions, see below. Noting this does not include the Federal tax violations, and penalties, along with other items.

We can do better, and that's what I plan on doing.

I would appreciate you vote.

Report No. 1020086