City of Selah

1 year residency required

Candidate statements are printed as submitted. The County Auditor has no editorial authority.
  1. Mayor
  2. Council, Position 1
  3. Council, Position 3
  4. Council, Position 4
  5. Council, Position 5
  6. Council, Position 6
  7. Council, Position 7
  8. Description of Office

4 year term

Sherry RaymondSherry Raymond

My vision for Selah is to continue to eliminate debt and responsibly manage City assets.

Police and fire fighting will continue to have my closest attention as well as the safety of our residents.

I will continue to support responsible growth, and we will see improvements to long overdue sewer lines in the older parts of Selah.

Our youth are our future. My goal for the next four years is to have our high school involved in City Council.

I am proud to be your Mayor, and look forward to an additional four years of service to this grand city.