The Last Straw Campaign

Yakima County supports businesses and citizens who want to keep single-use plastic items out of our waste stream and landfills.  To encourage that effort, we are offering FREE educational materials (table tents and signage) for restaurants who want to add their support to the growing list of businesses who are being proactive about reducing plastic straw use. 

Over 500,000,000 plastic straws are used every day in the United States.  These straws are usually used for just minutes before being dropped in the garbage can and living forever in a landfill.  

You can help!   
  • Ask your favorite restaurant to consider only providing straws to customers who request them.
  • Bring your own straw.  There are many reusable options available.
  • Use paper straws.  Paper straws are still disposable, but not a persistent environmental issue like plastic. 

The Last Straw signage is available for download, or contact our office for a more durable card-stock option at no cost to you. 

The Last Straw Poster

The Last Straw small poster

Restaurant Letter

The Last Straw restaurant letter