NEWS / Operations Updates re Covid-19


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Notice:  If you are feeling ill you should not enter the courthouse or courtrooms. (Such as a fever, cough, shortness of breath.)   Please review the daily posting of Court Calendars to determine if your Hearing is still being held In-Person.   Many Court Hearings are changing daily, so please check before you go to the Courthouse / Jail.  Some matters will require / allow you to only appear by telephone / telephonically. 

Due to a shortage of staff, your wait time may be longer than normal.  We thank you for your patience and understanding.

The Washington State Supreme Court  has issued a number of Orders regarding Court operations for the time specified in the Order. Yakima Superior Court will operate pursuant to these Orders.  

Superior Court Operations- Updates

Jury Duty:
Jury trials have resumed.   If you have received a Jury Summons, please complete it and mail it back to our office as directed on the form.  Follow the Call In instructions on your Jury Summons and listen to the recorded message carefully.   A letter from our Judges was sent with your Jury Summons which addresses the questions you may have about prior Covid-19 restrictions. As Covid-related restrictions \ mandates \ guidelines change, the Court will still take your concerns into consideration - you will have an opportunity after Jury Check In to discuss it further with the Judge.  Health screenings (for the days you are required to report) also are modified to meet the current guidelines \ safety requirements.  We will attempt to place that information on the (evening) recorded message so you will know what to expect on the day your Group is required to report.

Consumer Debt Garnishments / Evictions:      Pursuant to extended emergency proclamations by the Governor, the below are extended throughout the Covid-19 state of emergency unless rescinded by the Governor or the Legislature - whichever occurs first.   This effects:

  • Garnishments and Accrual of Interest / proclamation 20-19 and extensions
  • Evictions / proclamation 20-49 and extensions

Clerk’s Office:

Wait times can be long.  Your inquiry / requests may be done through the Clerk’s website, telephone, Odyssey Portal. mail or AMS (for legal offices).

Services you can do either by Mail or On-Line:

The Clerk’s Office will be assisting people in-person at in our office.  However wait times may be long.  We encourage friends / support people / parties not directly involved in your case, and non-litigants to remain at home, or in the public hallways as Courtroom space may still be limited.

Please consider:

  • Submit matters Ex-parte by mail  (or AMS for law offices)  when those services are available.
  • If you have an attorney, please telephone your attorney for questions regarding your future Court Hearings or for “Filing” pleadings in your case. Please do not go in-person to their office, unless your attorney has specifically requested you do so.
  • Please (frequently) check the Superior Court Website for any updates to Court Sessions / Court Calendars.
  • Please check the Court Facilitator’s Website for any updates.
  • Information for Yakima County District Court may be found here.

The Clerk’s Office will make every effort to update this page as quickly as we have information regarding the changes being made as we return to our regular Court schedules.