Person In Charge

The new food code requires that a Person in Charge (PIC) is available on the premises at all times while the facility is operating. That means that if the PIC is the manager, but the manager needs to go to the bank or is out on lunch, there has to be another PIC available during their absence.

The PIC requirement can be satisfied in 3 different ways (only need 1):
  • Certified through an ANSI Accredited Certified Food Protection Manager Program
  • Able to answer the inspectors questions correctly
  • Demonstrate that the facility is operating to the best of its ability by receiving no critical violations during the inspection
There are 3 (and only 3) courses that are ANSI Accredited Certified Food Protection Manager Programs and they are found below.

Accredited Food Protection Manager Programs

Company Accredited Class Contact Information
Online Resources
Languages Offered
National Restaurant Association (NRA)
Serve Safe Food Protection Manager Certification
Phone: 800-765-2122, ext. 703
English, Spanish, Korean, French, Canadian, Chinese, Japanese, Large Print
Thomson Prometric (Formerly Experior Assessments)
Food Protection Manager Certification Program
Charles Konialian, Phone: 443-923-6150 or 443-756-3642
Website English, Spanish, Vietnamese, Chinese, Korean, Arabic, Bilingual Options
National Registry of Food Safety Professionals
Food Manager Certification
Doug Campbell, Phone: 800-446-0257; Kathy Henry, Phone: 800-443-0259
Website English, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese Modern, Vietnamese, Japanese, Korean, French, German