Drinking Water Program Forms & Resources


Completed applications may be submitted in person or by mail to the EH Help Desk at: Yakima Health District, 1210 Ahtanum Ridge Dr., Union Gap, WA 98903.

For information on services, or general questions, contact one of our skilled Environmental Health Specialists through the Environmental Health Help Desk at (509) 249-6508 or YHD.Help.Desk@co.yakima.wa.us

Well Start Notification (Licensed Drillers Only)

Well drillers are required by the Washington State Department of Ecology to notify the delegated authority prior to the start of any water well project [WAC 173-160-040 (2)]. YHD requires at least 3 business days of advance notice. If 3 days notice is not possible, please notify YHD as soon as you are able to. 

To submit notification, call 509-249-6525, email YHD.Help.Desk@co.yakima.wa.us, or fill out this form.