Shaw Creek Flood Mitigation Project


The objective of this project is to reduce flooding in the Shaw Creek and Wide Hollow Creek drainages in an area that has been rapidly urbanized on the west side of Yakima. In addition, it will address 303(d) impaired waters in Washington State. Both Shaw Creek and Wide Hollow Creek are classified as impaired waters.

This project was identified as a high priority project in the Ahtanum-Wide Hollow Comprehensive Flood Hazard Management Plan. The partners involved in this project include Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), Washington State Emergency Management Division, Yakima County Water Resource Division, the City of Yakima, the North Yakima Conservation District and many landowners.


  • Eliminate flood hazard risks to the surrounding subdivisions i.e., Cottonwood Grove, Westbrook Subdivisions, Meadowbrook Mobile Home Park, and residences along Wide Hollow drainage.
  • Reduce Flood Hazard in the Wide Hollow Creek drainage by increasing water conveyance in Wide Hollow Creek with crack willow removals, channel excavation, and native plant establishment. The most recent flooding event in Wide Hollow drainage on March 6, 2016, resulted in flooding damage to at least 8 residences (likely an approximate 25-year event). In Shaw Creek, the most recent event was February 2017 that flooded a fairly large residential area at the northwest corner of the Cottonwood Grove development.
  • Restore and relocate Shaw Creek from a roadside ditch to a more natural setting near its historic location in a protected corridor.
  • Improve water quality and habitat in Shaw Creek and Wide Hollow Creek (303 (d) impaired waters) by introducing native species, removing introduced species, and reducing flooding and developing a more natural stream channel for both creeks.

Project Map (Updated September 2018)

2018 Shaw Creek Project Overview