Code Enforcement

The Code Enforcement Division is responsible for enforcing the provisions of Washington State laws codified in the Revised Code of Washington, Yakima County Code and Ordinances related to building, health, fire issues, regulatory public nuisances, dangerous buildings, and zoning matters.  These regulations are intended to protect the public's safety, health, and welfare.  When a cited violation of County or State law is imposed, penalties may be levied upon the property owner.

Balanced against this regulatory framework are constitutional and legal protections intended to secure our citizens' personal and property rights. Yakima County Code Enforcement officers must investigate and take appropriate action to enforce State and County laws while respecting and upholding those important personal and property rights.

Submit a Complaint

If you have questions regarding a potential violation please contact a Code Enforcement Officer at 509-574-2300. 

Complaints must be submitted in writing of which forms can be obtained from our office or online.

Yakima County’s weedy lot complaints will start May 1 and end September 30.  A written complaint is required.  Please keep in mind, these complaints take time to investigate and obtain compliance.   

The 2018 International Property Maintenance Code defines nuisance as "those premises on which an accumulation of weeds, vegetation, ..., dead organic matter, debris,..., combustible materials or conditions constitute fire, health or safety hazards..."

The following maintenance or preventative actions must be taken. (1) All hazardous vegetation and/or debris must be removed to a height to not exceed twelve (12) inches, (2) Cut or mowed hazardous vegetation and/or debris must be removed from the property. 

Parcels one (1) acre or larger in size that have a structure within 50 feet from the property line may be abated by providing a 50-foot firebreak around the perimeter.

Suggest a Location for a Community Cleanup

Community Cleanup Recommendation Form

The Yakima Greenway and our public lands along the Yakima and Naches rivers are public treasures. Every year these scenic areas draw local families, tourists and outdoor enthusiasts to enjoy their natural beauty. These lands belong to the public and it’s important they remain an attractive destination for everyone to enjoy. If you are aware of any publicly owned land that could use some TLC, please complete this form.

Yakima County's Encampment Policy 

The Board of Yakima County Commissioners adopted an Encampment Policy on July 11, 2023, to protect the public's safety on the Yakima River and protection of riparian areas. A copy of the Encampment Policy can be viewed here. Camping, fires, and storage of personal property are prohibited on county property. Code Enforcement staff can be reached at (509) 574-2300 for more information.

Yakima County Code Title 21 - Code Enforcement

In February 2020, Yakima County adopted Title 21 - Code Enforcement to organize the statutory codes the Code Enforcement Division has jurisdiction to enforce. Title 21 can be viewed here .