Reclaimed Water Opportunities

The water use efficiency rule requires the County to collect information on reclaimed water opportunities and include that information in the water plan.

Minimum Requirements
As a minimum, the information should include:
  • Where reclaimed water could potentially be used, such as parks, golf courses, groundwater recharge facilities, and car washing facilities.
  • Where reclaimed water production facilities exist and the locations of reclaimed water distribution lines.
  • Any barriers to the use of reclaimed water, such as cost, permitting issues, water rights mitigation, and local regulations that govern the use of reclaimed water.
  • Contractual obligations and agreements that limit the use of reclaimed water.
  • Where reclaimed water is used or proposed to be used.
  • The County’s efforts to develop the use of reclaimed water.
There are currently no water reuse facilities, either sources or users, within the Terrace Heights service area and the number of potential sources is very limited. There is only 1 industrial/commercial process facility in the area and they use their own well water for their processes. There are no fish hatcheries, storm water impoundments, or sewage treatment facilities in the service area. The most likely places where reclaimed water could be used include a golf course and a cemetery.

The only known barrier to the use of reclaimed water is the cost. Without a nearby source, the cost to pipe reclaimed water would be high. There are no contractual obligations or agreements that limit the use of reclaimed water. The County has not pursued development of reclaimed water due to the limited sources and cost.