The Public Services Construction Section oversees surveying, materials testing, inspection, utility installation, and
contract administration activities of all Yakima County public works projects.
  • Contract Compliance - Maintaining a complete and comprehensive “documentation trail” of a project ensures that safety, financial responsibility, and design standards are met by contractor and sub-contractor alike; resulting in the most cost-effective project for the tax-payer. Contract Compliance staff follow the “paper trail” through the entire construction phase.
  • Inspectors - County inspectors oversee the construction projects on a daily basis and “on-site”, ensuring materials and workmanship by the contractors are in compliance with Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) and Yakima County specifications.
  • Materials Testing - Quality Assurance staff inspect and test construction materials prior to use during construction and that sub-grade, crushed surfacing, and asphalt materials are properly incorporated into county projects in accordance with WSDOT and County standards and specifications.
  • Surveying - Responsible to the public and Yakima County to get accurate information and data for engineering studies. Through the use of various surveying tools and methods (GPS, total stations, maps, deeds, design plans, etc.), survey crews assist in the location of existing and future roads, bridges, culverts, and landfill zones.
  • Utilities - Yakima County coordinates with private & public utility companies (phone, cable, water, power, etc.) and the general public when locating (or relocating) utility systems within county right of way, and inspects to ensure their installation complies with county standards.