Land Use Applications and Guides

Application Intake Guide

General Land Use Process

The general land use process diagram (PDF) provides a step by step understanding of the application process. 

Types of Review That We Do

  • Type 1 -

    Permitted Uses - allowed subject to review. This type of review does not require Public Comment or a Public Hearing.
  • Type 2 -

    Administrative Uses - generally allowed depending on compatibility with surrounding uses. This type of review does not require a Public Hearing.
  • Type 3 -

     Conditional Uses - generally not allowed but may be permitted at a particular location. This type of review requires Public Hearing.
  • Type 4 -

     Quasi-judicial Applications - include minor rezones and preliminary long plat. This type of review requires a Public Hearing and Board of County Commissioner Approval by Resolution.

Accessory Dwelling Unit

Required YCWRS Supplemental Application for all Accessory Dwelling Applications

Administrative Adjustment

Ag Tourist Operation

Animal Feeding Operations

Bed and Breakfast

Campground and RV Park

Conditional Use

Home Business

Linear Transmission Facilities

Manufactured Home



Non Conforming Use

Zoning Variance