Zoning & Subdivision

The Zoning and Subdivision Section works with the implementation of the Comprehensive Plan and Development Regulations through the administration of public and private land use proposals to enhance the county’s built environment and quality of life. 

Our staff reviews Land Use Applications submitted to the Planning Division as well as assisting citizens, property owners, developers, contractors and consultants with questions pertaining to zoning and subdivision.  On a daily basis the zoning and subdivision planners work to review and write decisions for those land use and subdivision applications.


Zoning and Subdivision staff works with the following ordinances:
  • Title 19: Unified Land Development Code
  • Title 16B Project Administration: Project Administration includes the project review process and timelines for each type of land use permit.

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Jason Earles

Section Manager

128 N 2nd Street
Yakima, WA 98901

Phone: 509-574-2300

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