Are you going to sell this County property?
The County cannot "sell" its property. However, the Board of Yakima County Commissioners (BoCC) may determine what County properties are classified as "surplus" and will put these parcels up for auction on occasion. The BoCC will announce a list of surplus properties, the public auction process, and the auction date in advance. For more information on future surplus property auctions, contact the Board of County Commissioners at 509-574-1500 or the Public Services Right-of-Way Division at 509-574-2300.

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1. Are you going to sell this County property?
2. How does Yakima County obtain / divest [itself of] right-of-way?
3. I need information regarding County right of way near my property, where can I get it?
4. I would like to know about an easement on my property, where do I get that?
5. Is this right-of-way in the City or County?