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I need a franchise, and what is it?
Revised Code of Washington (RCW) 36.55.010 to 36.55.080 (in concurrence with WAC 136-40-030 and Yakima County Resolution #172-1993) states "...[the] board of County commissioners may grant franchises to persons or private or municipal corporations to use the right-of-way of County roads in their respective counties for the construction and maintenance of waterworks, gas pipes, telephone, telegraph, and electric light lines, sewers and any other such facilities."

Accordingly, an applicant may submit a Request for Franchise to place a public/private utility or "other such facility" within Yakima County Right-of-Way.

This process, requiring a public hearing preceded by two public newspaper notices, can take up to 4-5 weeks to approve. Work can not begin until the Franchise Application has been approved by the Board of Commissioners.

A Right-of-Way Use Permit or must be completed to approve actual construction work on the applicant’s project. A standard franchise grant can remain in effect up to 25 years (depending on the utility).Forms and Applications

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