What are the County's development standards?
Current Yakima County development standards, road standards, codes, and ordinances can be found on the Yakima County Standard Plans page.

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1. Can I get a second driveway to my property?
2. Can I plant trees in front of my house?
3. How can I get information on subdivision X?
4. How do I build my road approach?
5. How do I get an address for my property?
6. How do I name my road?
7. I have a property that I would like to access to a County road. What do I do?
8. I lost my address plate. Where do I get a new one?
9. I need a franchise, and what is it?
10. I want to get access from my property to a state highway / city street, how do I do that?
11. I would like to get a petition for a speed limit or stop sign, how do I do that?
12. Is this where I get an event permit that involves a County Road (bicycle race, run, etc.)?
13. I need to move an overweight and/or oversized vehicle, house, manufactured home, or large shed on County roads. Do I need a permit?
14. I'd like to get traffic counts for my road, how do I do that?
15. My neighbor and I are having a dispute about my access easement. Can you help me?
16. My neighbor is blocking an easement, what do I do?
17. My project requires me to work within County right-of-way. What do I need to do?
18. What are the County's development standards?
19. What do I do if I find traffic control or other roadside devices inoperable?