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I was just placed on Pre-Trial Release, what do I do now?

You have been charged in a criminal case in either Yakima District or Superior Court. The Judge in the courtroom where you were seen has decided to release you while your case is pending. You have made a promise that you will show up for all of your court appearances. To help you keep your promise and to assure community safety, the Judge may have ordered you to follow certain conditions of release. Your conditions of release are found on your release order (the piece of paper you signed and received in the courtroom). You must follow all of the conditions of release ordered by the Judge. If you violate any one of those conditions, the Judge could change your conditions, or revoke those conditions and incarcerate you until your case is resolved. You must show up for all of your court dates. If you do not report for any court date, a bench warrant will be issued for your arrest and you could receive a new charge simply for failing to appear. If you do miss a court appearance, contact your lawyer and call Pre-Trial Release Services at 509-574-1885 as soon as possible in order to resolve the bench warrant.

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3. I was just placed on Pre-Trial Release, what do I do now?
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