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What happens if I don’t make my payment on time?

Property taxes become delinquent May 1st for first-half and November 1st for second-half.  

  • Interest accrues at 0.75% per month on the current year taxes for residential real property with four or fewer units per taxable parcel on the full year amount of taxes and/or assessments owing.  Prior years taxes and all other parcels will accrue interest at 1% per month.
  • Penalty of 3% will be assessed on June 1st and an 8% penalty will be assessed on December 1st for all residential real property with greater than four units per taxable parcel and all personal property parcels.
  • All real and personal property taxes where the current year's taxes are more than $50 may be paid in half with any applicable interest only through October 30th; on October 31st, those taxes are due in full.  All other property taxes where current year's taxes are than $50, must have 1st half paid by April 30th to avoid costs

Real property foreclosure begins May 1st for real property taxes/assessments delinquent 3 or more years.  Collection fees will be assessed during this process.

Personal property distraint begins May 1st for first-half and November 1st for second-half.  Collection fees are assessed starting on those dates.

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