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How do I complete a personal property listing?
  • Name of Business (may already be provided, update if necessary)
  • Mailing Address (may already be provided, update if necessary)
  • Location of your business (top left-hand corner under the mailing address)
  • Supplies (monthly estimation) kept on hand, such as pens, papers, staples, pencils, etc. (top right-hand corner box)
  • Check the appropriate box for your type of business; sole proprietor, LLC, Corporation, LLP. (top right-hand corner box)
  • Provide an asset list of all the equipment that you own and use to run your business as of January 1, 2019.
  • Include a description of the item, year of purchase, and the amount paid at the time of purchase (without the sales tax)
  • Sole proprietors receive a $15,000 in value exemption, if the personal property list provided to the county is less than $15,000 in value the county will not open an account. However, the owner still needs to file the listing to receive the exemption.

    If you purchased an existing business that has previously filed with our office, this is not the same thing as a first time filer. Please contact our office to avoid penalization. 

First time Filer? The filing deadline for this form is July 31st, 2019, not April 30th, 2019 as indicated on the form.

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