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Mechanical Permit Application

  1. Type of Structure
  2. Mechanical Permit Fee
    Please insert 1 in the left column. This is the base fee in addition to the equipment selected below.
  3. Description of Equipment
    Forced Air - 100,000 BTU or Less
  4. Forced Air - Over 100,000 BTU
  5. Floor Furnace, Including Vent/Gas Logs
  6. Suspended Heater, Recessed Wall Heater or Floor-Mounted Unit Heater
  7. Each Appliance Vent Not Included in Appliance Permit
  8. Repair or Alteration of Drainage or Vent Piping, (Each Fixture)
  9. Repair, Alteration or Addition to each Heating Appliance, Refrigeration Unit, Cooling Unit, Absorption Unit or each Heating, Cooling, Absorption, or Evaporative Cooling System, including installation of controls regulated by this code.
  10. Boiler or Compressor to and including three horsepower, or each Absorption System to and including 100,00 BTU per hour
  11. Boiler or Compressor over three horsepower to and including fifteen horsepower (or3.1 to 15 tons cooling), or each Absorption System over 100,000 BTU per hour and including 500.000 BTU per hour
  12. Boiler or Compressor over fifteen horsepower to and including thirty horsepower (or 15.1 to 30 tons cooling), for each Absorption System over 500,000 BTU per hour to and including 1,000,000 BTU per hour
  13. Boiler or Compressor over 30 horsepower to and including 50 horsepower (or 30.1 to 50 tons cooling), for each Absorption System over 1,000,000 BTU per hour to and including 1,750,000 BTU per hour
  14. Boiler or Compressor over fifty horsepower to and including thirty horsepower (or 50.1 tons cooling or more), for each Absorption System over 1,750,000 BTU per hour
  15. Air Handling Unit to and including 10,000 cubic feet per minute, including Ducts attached thereto. Note that this fee shall not apply to an Air Handling Unit which is a portion of a factory-assembled appliance, cooling unit, evaporation cooler or absorption unit for which a permit is required elsewhere in this code.
  16. Air Handling Unit over 10,000 cubic feet per minute
  17. Evaporation Cooler other than portable type -
  18. Ventilation Fan connected to a single duct
  19. Ventilation System which is not a portion of any heating or air-conditioning system authorized by permit
  20. Installation of each hood which is served by mechanical exhaust, including the ducts for such hood
  21. Domestic-type Incinerator
  22. Commercial-type Incinerator
  23. Each appliance or piece of equipment regulated by this code, but not classified in other appliance categories, or for which no other fee is listed in this code
  24. Gas Piping (1 - 4 Outlets)
  25. Additional Gas Piping (Above the Original 4 Outlets)
  26. Hazardous Process Piping(HPP) (1 to 4 Outlets)
  27. Additional Hazardous Process Piping (HPP)(Above the Original 4 Outlets)
  28. Nonhazardous Process piping (NPP)(1 to 4 Outlets)
  29. Additional Nonhazardous Process Piping (NPP)(Above the Original 4 Outlets)
  30. Wood Stove/Pellet Stove (No New Home Construction)
  31. Please print and keep this form for your records before submitting.
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