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Birth and Death Certificate Request/Solicitud Para Acta de Nacimiento y Difuncion

  1. Yakima Health District
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  2. Birth and Death Certificate Application/Solicitud Para Acta de Nacimiento y Difuncion
  3. Form Instructions
    Incomplete applications will not be processed. We will not process applications that we have not received payment for or are missing information. Processing time can take between 48-72hrs.
  4. Payment Information
    Applications will not be processed until payment is made. We will contact you at the number your provide on this application for payment as soon as we receive your application.
  5. How are you paying for your record?
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  7. What Certificate type are you requesting today?*
  8. If Requesting a Death Certificate Provide the Date and Place of Death
  9. Person picking up or ordering certificate must complete the following for identification purposes:/La persona que recoja o solicite un certificado debe completar lo siguiente para propositos de identificación
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