Local Measures

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General Obligation Bond

A taxing district may ask for approval of a bond, typically for capital improvement projects.  The major difference between an excess levy and a bond is time.  A bond has a longer duration than an excess levy.
Examples of bonds include construction of a new school, aquatic center or a transportation vehicle fund.


Some taxing districts may ask for approval of an excess levy which imposes additional property taxes beyond the regular property tax levy over a short period of time.  Typically, excess levies are to cover maintenance and operation costs or to continue certain services.

Occasionally, a regular levy may be requested for a specific upgrade or enhancement to an existing service.

Levy Limit Lid Lift

A Levy Lid Lift is not an excess levy.  A taxing district may request a temporary increase to its regular property tax levy rate that is limited by state law.  The temporary time frame may be for 1 year or multiple years, up to 6 consecutive years.

Sales & Use Tax

A jurisdiction may request an increase in sales and use tax on a specific service for the purpose of continuing services when operating costs exceed anticipated revenues.

Local Advisory Votes

Advisory votes are non-binding questions placed before voters of jurisdiction in an effort to assist the council or board of commissioners in a major decision making event.

Miscellaneous Local Measures

change in the form of government may be requested by a jurisdiction. For example, a city may request to change from a mayor/council form of government to a council/manager form of government.
Voters may also be asked to approve or reject the formation of a new district.