Stormwater Outreach

Under the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) and the 2014-2019 Eastern Washington Phase II Municipal Stormwater Permit requirements, Yakima County and its Regional Stormwater Group (RSWG) partners (Cities of Selah, Sunnyside, and Union Gap) proudly participates through the providing of educational and outreach activities for the betterment of our community. Our goal is to engage with every member of our community through the providing of pollution awareness and prevention activities.

How Are We Meeting This Requirement?

Yakima County has implemented a stormwater management program (SMP) with a key focus on public outreach; which includes newsletters, classroom courses, project site visits, and so much more. Over the next several months we will be upgrading our county stormwater outreach webpage to include public feedback opportunities and weekly status updates of water related projects throughout our county that are being implemented for the improvement of our watershed and to help reduce pollution introduction. A public outreach social media page is also under consideration, which is planned to include public meeting times, discovered pollution introduction incidents, news-feeds, helpful prevention tips, and illicit discharge reporting capabilities.
Stormwater Video
If you would like to talk to the County regarding Stormwater Outreach opportunities, contact Jack Wells at 509-574-2350.