Stormwater runoff is the primary contributor towards water quality reduction, and the only way it can be prevented is through human interdiction. Let's face it, we (humans) are responsible for how runoff occurs within our cities and communities in the first place. Through our own developments and natural earth transforming actions, we have created a water runoff system that interacts directly with pollutants, such as oil on our streets, manure from our livestock operations, and pesticides from our agriculture industries.

So What Can We Do About It?

We can educate ourselves, our youth, our neighbors, and our communities. Through the teachings of awareness, prevention, and preservation, our communities will be cleaner and waters clear of pollutants. Below you will find teaching materials that can be used in your schools or at home. We appreciate Puget Sound Partnership and their willingness to share these educational materials with our community.

"Only Rain in the Drain"

Only Rain in the Drain