For Tenants and Landlords

  1. Emergency Rental Assistance
  2. Asistencia para Alquiler

Human Services


Yakima County's rent assistance program is currently operational per Proclamation 21-09.

Rental Assistance for Tenants

Rental sssistance funding is available through Yakima County to households financially impacted by the COVID pandemic. If you need assistance with past due, current, and future rent and utility bills click HERE.

Rental Assistance for Landlords

If you are a landlord and would like information on rental assistance programs for tenants within Yakima County, or to opt-in for your tenant to receive rental assistance funds, click HERE.

Rental Assistance for Washington State Tenants Outside of Yakima County

The above programs are only for tenants residing within Yakima County. If you are a resident of Washington State outside of Yakima County, click HERE to find rental assistance resources serving your area.