Vital Records

Birth Records

Certified copies of birth records in the range of 1921 to the present may be obtained by contacting your local county health department. Most county health departments are linked into the Center for Health Statistics database and can issue birth certificates statewide from 1921 to present. For Yakima County birth records, in this date range, please contact the Yakima Health District at 509-249-6538 or Yakima Health District Vital Records.  A certified copy costs $20.

Birth records from July 1, 1907 through present can be obtained by contacting the Washington State Department of Health, Center for Health Statistics at 360-236-4300.  A certified copy costs $20.

Yakima County birth records prior to 1907 are on record in the Auditor's Office.  A copy or certified copy of a birth record, in this date range, may be obtained by submitting a written request to the Yakima County Auditor's Recording Division. Include a check or money order for $1 for a copy, or $3 for a certified copy.  Be sure to include the person's birth name and date of birth.

Death Records

Marriage Records

Certified copies of marriage certificates must be purchased through the county auditor where the couple purchased the license; this is not necessarily where the ceremony took place. The marriage ceremony may be performed anywhere in the state, regardless of where the license was purchased; however, the record will be kept where the license was issued.

To request a certified copy of a marriage certificate for licenses issued from the Yakima County Auditor, you may either visit our office or send a request by mail. If requesting by mail, please include the following:

1. A note including both names at the time of the marriage and the year of the marriage.

2. Check, money order, or cash for $3.

3. Self Addressed Stamped Envelope

Please mail these to:     Yakima County Auditor
                                          ATTN: Recording Department
                                          PO Box 12570
                                          Yakima, WA 98909 

You may order Yakima County marriage certificates on-line using a credit card. There will be a $10 service fee. Please use the following link: Official Records Online.

Other Recorded Documents

You can also obtain a copy of a document that has been recorded in Yakima County, such as a:

  • Deed of Trust
  • Deed
  • Lien
  • Plat Map
  • Quit Claim Deed
  • Seller's Assignment
  • Survey
  • Warranty Deed

Please contact the Auditor's Office Recording Division at  509-574-1400.  You will need to provide the grantor/grantee names and approximate date of recording.