Ethics Statement


This statement sets forth the general guidelines for ethical performance of Yakima County Purchasing personnel in conducting business for Yakima County.


All Yakima County personnel involved in the purchasing process shall seek not only to avoid any impropriety, but to avoid even the appearance of an impropriety. We are expected to uphold the highest professional standards in conducting the County’s business. To achieve those high standards, each employee supports and abides by the following principles: 


Open and honest dealing with everyone who is involved in the purchasing process

This includes all businesses with which the County contracts or from which it purchases goods or services, as well as all members of the purchasing staff and of the public who utilize the services of the Purchasing Department. 


Maintain Professional Relationship with the Supplier

Maintain and practice, to the highest degree possible, business ethics, professional courtesy, and competence in all transactions. 


Fair and impartial award recommendations for all contracts and tenders 

Yakima County will not extend preferential treatment to any vendor. Not only is it against the law, it is not good business practice, since it limits fair and open competition for all vendors and is therefore a detriment to obtaining the best possible value for each tax dollar. 


An irreproachable standard of personal integrity on the part of all those designated as Purchasing personnel for the County. 

At no time, or under any circumstances, should any county employee accept, directly or indirectly, gifts or other things of value from suppliers. Also, the purchasing staff does not publicly endorse products or services.






 The Purchasing Department