Boundary Line Adjustment Information

Our office finalizes all Boundary Line Adjustments, Short Plat Exemptions, Short Plats, Plats, Binding Site Plans, and Condominiums. For these to be completed you must meet the requirements of the city or county in which your parcel is located. Our office does require that property taxes be paid in full for the year before we begin this process in accordance with. (RCW.84.56.345)

If you are located in city limits, you need to contact the city to see their requirements. Once you have met their requirements it is up to you the owner to provide our office with the correct paperwork so that we can finalize it. Typically, you only have 160 days to finish this before it becomes invalid.

If you are in Yakima County and you are wanting to segregate, merge, short/long plat, etc., you need to go through the planning department located on the 4th floor of the Yakima County Courthouse

Yakima Planning Department contact information.
Phone: 509-574-2300

According to county code 19.34.012 (2b), our office is only authorized to create divisions of complete ¼ ¼ sections. (i.e., 40-acre parcels).

9.34.012 Applicability

(1) Jurisdiction. All boundary line adjustments and divisions of land within the unincorporated territory of Yakima County, Washington, shall be made in full compliance with this Title, other relevant requirements of Yakima County Code, and RCW Chapter 58.17, as it now exists or is amended.

(2) Non-Reviewed Actions under RCW 58.17.040. RCW 58.17.040 authorizes the divisions identified in this Subsection without review under this Chapter, and subject to review under all other applicable County land use regulations:

(b) Division of land into lots or tracts not containing a dedication, in which the smallest lot created by the division is 40 acres in area, or more, or that which is defined in the instrument of division as one-quarter of a quarter section of land, or greater area where the zoning district specifies a greater minimum; provided, that to compute the size of any lot under this Subsection the lot size shall be expanded to include that area which would be bounded by the centerline of the adjacent public street or road right-of-way.

Documents that must be submitted to the County Assessor: (more may be requested.)

  • Approval letter from the city
  • Record Change Form (see form tab)
  • Site plan or recorded survey (every city is different)
  • New legal descriptions for all parcels impacted.
  • Property taxes are paid in full for the year. (RCW.84.56.345)

It is the property owner's responsibility to ensure that all documents are submitted to the County Assessor as no boundary changes will be made until all documents are submitted and all requirements have been met. Failure to do so can cause your request to expire and you may need to start over with the appropriate planning department.

If you have any questions regarding Boundary Line Adjustments feel free to call our office 509-574-1100 or email us at