Harm Reduction Programs

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Location and Hours

S. 3rd Street and Adams St.

Thursday 12:30pm-3:30pm

Harm Reduction

Syringe Services Program (SSP) provides low-barrier access to sterile supplies for safer substance use, overdose prevention tools like naloxone, and treatment resources. 

The Yakima Health District’s SSP can assist with the following:

  • 1:1 syringe exchange
    • Encourages return of used syringes 
  • Education
    • Safe disposal
    • Safer injection practices
    • Communicable disease
    • Safer sex practices
  • Naloxone/Narcan distribution and training
    • Prevent and reverse overdoses
  • HCV/HIV/Syphilis screening
    • Testing
    • Referrals for treatment for positive cases
  • Vaccine administration
    • Hep A, Flu, COVID-19
  • Basic wound care
    • Partnership with CHCW residency program
    • Improves education experience for future providers
    • Decreases ER visits and expenses to the local healthcare system
  • Patient navigation and case management with referrals for:
    1. Drug treatment, chronic disease management, housing, food, mental and behavioral health


Community Benefits Offering a Syringe Services Program (SSP)Open hand with 3 images of people in it.

  • SSPs save lives by lowering the likelihood of overdose death. Users of SSPs are 5 times more likely to stop injecting drugs than those who don't use them. 
  • SSPs protect law enforcement and first responders. One in three officers is stuck with a needle during their career. SSPs have been shown to reduce these injuries by 66%.
  • SSPs reduce crime. When people have access to clean syringes, it is less likely they will steal supplies from medical facilities or other people.
  • SSPs promote safe syringe disposal. Cities with SSPs have fewer discarded needles compared to cities without SSPs.
  • SPs are cost-effective. SSPs save taxpayers money on prevention rather than treatment.
  • SSPs reduce healthcare costs by preventing infectious disease transmission and providing medical services to clients.