Community Support


We are assisting incorporated communities, county planning, building and fire safety, and Yakima Valley emergency management with short and long range strategies for flood hazard awareness to decrease public flood risk.

This includes an increased understanding of the safety regulations related to floodplains and floodways, and increasing the tools and information about what to do before, during, and after flood emergencies.

Current Work

  • Support the public and partners in understanding the new countywide flood maps and options regarding map adoption, map usage, and flood insurance implications.
  • Public outreach about projects, such as Emma Lane and Shaw Creek-Wide Hollow areas.
  • Public outreach about flood plans, such as the Ahtanum-Wide Hollow Comprehensive Flood Hazard Management Plans (CFHMP).
  • Update the Water Resources Division and Flood Control Zone District (FCZD) web pages to provide relevant flood information including links to the preliminary flood map panels.
  • Provide Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) flood documents to Yakima Valley Regional Library for public review and distribution.
  • Provide educational brochures.