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Water Storage Studies

In May 2003 the Bureau of Reclamation initiated the Yakima River Basin Water Storage Feasibility Study to examine the feasibility and acceptability of storage augmentation in the Yakima River basin. The additional water storage is to benefit threatened and endangered species, irrigated agriculture, and municipal water supply.


The study was authorized by Congress in 2003. In accordance with the authorization, the initial emphasis of the study evaluated the feasibility of the Black Rock Dam alternative.
Yakima River
The purpose of the Bureau of Reclamation Storage Study is to evaluate plans that would create additional water storage for the Yakima River basin.

Ahtanum Creek
Pine Hollow Reservoir is a component of the Ahtanum Creek Watershed Restoration Program. The overall program seeks to restore habitat and improve water supply in the Ahtanum Basin, and was overseen by the Department of Ecology, resulting in an EIS in 2004.
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