Home Security

Complete the Burglary Prevention Checklist to see if you are protected.

Things to Do

  • Alarms:

     Many types of alarm systems work well to protect homes. The system should be individually tailored to suit the needs of the residents. Consult your crime prevention officer.
  • Exterior Doors:

     Install solid-core wood doors with rugged frames that cannot be spread apart with a pry bar. A single cylinder deadbolt with a 1 inch throw, in addition to the key-in-the-knob lock, is essential. Use a wide angle viewer to observe visitors.
  • Exterior Lighting:

     A 40 watt light at each entrance, including the garage, will provide you with both safety and security and will not be wasting our nation's energy when used in conjunction with a timer or sensor.
  • Garage Doors:

     Always keep them closed and locked. A burglar in your garage has access to tools and ladders and can often work on your home undetected.
  • Interior Lighting: 

    When you are away from home, keep some interior lights on. This creates the appearance that someone is home. Use a timer to turn the lights off and on at normal hours. A radio playing adds to the illusion that the home is occupied.
  • Landscaping: 

    Shrubs that provide you with privacy also give a burglar a place to hide. Prune bushes down to 2 feet or trim trees up at least 4 feet.
  • Windows:

     Windows should have auxiliary locking devices. Keep your windows closed and locked when you are away. Screens and storm windows should be securely fastened to the structure.