Permit Processing

Project Coordinators also known as Permit Technicians of the Building and Fire Safety Division coordinate the  permit process for structures, manufactured homes, plumbing and mechanical permits, grading and excavating permits, and fire code permits as well as demolition permits.

Applications are submitted to the Project Coordinators where your project is coordinated among various divisions. 
Please contact us if you have questions regarding the application and permit process or need a permit fees estimate. "PC" can also direct you to other divisions that possibly require permits or approvals in conjunction with your project.
Development Service Center

Other Departments or Agencies

  • Yakima County Planning Division - Land Use Regulations.
  • Yakima County Transportation Division - Road Approach, Address or Private Road Name.
  • Yakima Clean Air Authority - Burn permit, dust abatement, asbestos information.
  • Yakima Health District - Septic system or well requirements.
  • Sewer District - Sewer purveyor as available for your location.
  • Water District - Water purveyor as available for your location.